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Free Tutoring in Naperville- Founded by Jane Boettcher



Current Tutor of the Month

Rajvi Shah

Congratulations to Rajvi Shah as our March Tutor of the Month! Not only does she work with her tutees extremely well, but she also very clearly shows commitment to our organization. With commendable knowledge of the workings of our organization, Rajvi fully understands the purpose and execution of that purpose for The Merry Tutor. We hope that all of our tutors will strive to become as dedicated as Rajvi!


Past Tutors of the Month

Alayna Nguyen

Doris Han

Ella Xu

Alex Jang

Bhuvni Shah

Kevin Shi

Hanur Choi

Stephanie Liang

Amey Maley

Luke Morton

Maya Ross

Angie Xu

Andrea Du

Amy Liu

Jakob Myers

Emily Chuang

Mike Rotter


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Tutor of the Month

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