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Frequently Asked Questions

For Tutees and Parents

How much does tutoring cost?


The Merry Tutor provides FREE tutoring. Tutors are high school student volunteers.


Does my child need an appointment?


Nope! The Merry Tutor is a drop-in tutoring service. No appointments are necessary. Just stop by your local location any time during its hours!


Does my child need to bring any materials?


We ask that students bring in the materials they would like to work on, so we can more effectively target specific areas. Generally, these materials include homework assignments, in-class worksheets, and school textbooks.


For what subjects do you provide tutoring?


We provide tutoring in all core subject areas, including math, science, language arts, and social sciences. If your child wants help outside of these areas, have them visit us, and we'll see what we can do.


What age range of students do you tutor?


The target audience of The Merry Tutor is elementary and junior high school students. However, our tutors are honors and AP high school students who are often taking classes a few years above their grade levels, so if your high school student is looking for help, have him/her check us out!

How do I thank tutors for helping my child?


Our tutors cannot accept any form of payment from tutees. However, if you would like to give back to these tutors, a simple thank you note can make a tutor's day. In addition, you can also head to our 'Donate' page, so The Merry Tutor can continue to make it possible for your child to work with our amazing tutors. 

For Tutor Applicants


The online application form asks for my teacher's contact information. Where do I find this?


Check your school's website. If their contact information is not posted there, ask your teacher when you let them know you are using them as your reference.

This seems like a fantastic idea, but I don't live in Naperville or Aurora. How can I benefit from these services?


Sounds like you might want to look into starting up a chapter in your area. The purpose of The Merry Tutor is to be an easily replicated model that can benefit communities across the globe. The concept is simple-- students helping students-- but it can make a world of a difference in your community. If you are interested in bringing The Merry Tutor to your community, contact us below! 

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