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Apply to Tutor

Benefits to Becoming a Merry Tutor​

  • The development of valuable skills in patience, collaboration, leadership, and service

  • The chance to earn service hours for your tutoring, which are useful when applying to groups such as National Honor Society, scouts, or certain religious organizations

  • Flexible tutoring opportunities based on your schedule

  • Flexible tutoring locations (Alive Center and Nichols Public Library)

  • Being able to help students learn: "The number one thing I love about being a tutor is witnessing that ‘aha moment’ when you can see things click in the student’s head" - Jane Boettcher, founder

  • Access to leadership opportunities through our pilot committee, which runs our community service projects, or our board, which organizes our vast tutoring network

  • Scholarship opportunities during your senior year (the Merry Tutor offers hundreds of dollars in scholarships to outstanding tutors each year!)

Application Process


All students must go through an application process before becoming a tutor with The Merry Tutor. Please apply via the appropriate application for your chapter linked below. 


If accepted as a tutor with The Merry Tutor, you are emailed all information necessary to sign up for volunteer slots.


In order to train tutors, we have new tutors shadow veteran tutors. Then, veteran tutors sit in on a tutor's first few tutoring sessions to offer assistance if necessary. This system gives new tutors a hands-on way of learning how to tutor.

Sign Up


Once a tutor with The Merry Tutor, you must sign up for volunteer slots.  You will be emailed the access code to our sign up sheet upon your acceptance.


Time slots range in 1 hour increments.  Please sign up for as many of these slots as you would like. 


You must sign up at least two days (48 hours) prior to tutoring. If you need to cancel outside these parameters, you are responsible for finding a replacement.


You will not get credit for any service hours you do not sign up for.

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