Organization Board

Jane Boettcher

Founder and Executive Director


Ria Pande

Naperville Chapter Co-President


Max Nguyen

Naperville Chapter Co-President


Shivam Kak

Aurora Chapter President

Naperville Chapter

Ria Pande

Chapter Co-President


Max Nguyen

Chapter Co-President

Vasu Dar

Data Manager


Louisa Zhang

Money Manager

Alec Zhang

Applications Manager

Adam Munshi

Equity Officer

Evelyn Wang

Community Service Chair

Theo Ng

Recruitment and Outreach Chair

Jinna Yoon, Harry Yu, Quinn Zhang

Community Service Committee

Faiz Muhammad, Sam Hung, Benjamin Zhang

Recruitment and Outreach Committee



Shivam Kak

Chapter President

Anitej Siluveru

Chapter Vice President

Tutor of the Month

Past Tutors of the Month:

Pratyush Sharma - May 2022

Devin DeLegge - April 2022

Alan Lu - February 2022

Kathryn Hu- January 2022

Meg Gurram & Adam Munshi- Nov/Dec 2021 

Samantha Hung- October 2021

Jinna Yoon- September 2021

Bavya Chowdavarapu- August 2021

Ivy Chen - July 2021

Alec Zhang - June 2021

After the Merry Tutor