Organization Board

Jane Boettcher

Founder and Executive Director


Alayna Nguyen

Naperville Chapter Co-President


Ella Xu

Naperville Chapter Co-President


Rishi Raghavapudi

Aurora Chapter President

Naperville Chapter

Alayna Nguyen

Chapter Co-President


Ella Xu

Chapter Co-President

Bill Zheng

Applications Management

Nick Liu

Data Management


Eshani Ragam

Money Management

Rajvi Shah

Community Service Chair

Kevin Xu

Recruitment and Outreach Chair

Connie Lu

Equity Chair

Jennifer Xia, Ethan Wang, Isabella Zhou

Community Service Committee

Evan Liu, Max Nguyen, Theo Ng

Recruitment Committee

Ethan Wang, Jessica Frey, Vasunandan Dar

Equity Committee



Rishi Raghavapudi

Chapter President

Mrunali Damuluri

Tutor Management

Mridini Thippisetty

Application Management

Anwita Balineni

Marketing Manager

Shriya Rangineni

Communications Manager

Vikas Reddy

Data Management

Shivam Kak

Tutor Outreach

Lizbeth Celaya

West Aurora


Tutor of the Month

Congratulations to Uju Kim, our tutor of the Month for December! While Uju joined online tutoring relatively recently, his attitude of volunteerism and willingness to help our tutees has not gone unnoticed. Thank you Uju for your dedication!

Past Tutors of the Month:

Justin Wu - November 2020

Ria Pande - October 2020 

Lexi McIntyre - September 2020

Theodore Ng - August 2020

Ethan Wang - July 2020

Max Nguyen - June 2020

Connor Lee -  May 2020

After the Merry Tutor

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