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Free Tutoring in Naperville- Founded by Jane Boettcher


We ask that students bring their materials to The Merry Tutor, so we can more effectively target specific areas.


Below are a few resources we recommend if your child's homework assignments, in-class worksheets, and school textbooks do not cover what your child would like to work on during his/her tutoring session.

Suggested Resources


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Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a free online resource that provides excellent tutorials and practice in many different subjects for a variety of different grade levels.

K12 Reader


K12 Reader provides a variety of different resources for all grade levels in reading comprehension, grammar, and more. 



IXL gives students the opportunity to practice and master math and language art skills for their grade level and beyond.



LearnZillion provides numerous free resources based off of the Common Core standards.

Free Rice


Free Rice allows students to put their vocabularies to the test and feed the hungry at the same time. For every vocabulary question answered correctly, ten grains of rice are donated to the UN World Food Programme.

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