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Time yourself:


Do your homework, especially math homework, under time constraints. Not only will this help you manage your time, it will make it much easier to complete a timed test. 


Pay attention in class:


Teachers often give hints about test content during class. If you do not recieve a study guide, listening during class is a great way to earn some easy points.




Try grouping facts to help you remember them.  In social studies, for example, group information by the causes and effects of each event you study.


Use class time:


Learning material in class saves a lot of study time. You already have to be in the classroom; make the most of this time.


Take concise notes:


When taking notes, you should be more focused on trying to process the information than trying to write everything down. For each paragraph you read, write a 'trigger phrase' (1-5 words) that sums up what you read. Assign the information in that paragraph to the trigger phrase. Every time you look at the trigger phrase, you should recall that information.


Paragraph and outline:


If you are feeling overwhelmed by writing an essay, write it as a simple paragraph first.  Then, convert this paragraph into an outline: the topic sentence becomes your thesis; the supports become body paragraph topic sentences; the clincher becomes the conclusion.  The outline is your road map for writing your essay.


Ask questions:


If at all possible, do your best to ask questions and make sure you understand the material before you leave the classroom. It helps save time and effort later.




Prioritize your work, based on due date and difficulty. For example, if something is due in 2 days, work on that before working on something due in 2 weeks. If one homework assignment is really hard, do it first when you're most motivated.


Don't procrastinate:


"Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone." ~Pablo Picasso


Take short breaks:


Allow yourself to take breaks as a reward for getting work done. For example, after doing 50 minutes of homework, take a 10 minute snack break.  


Make practice tests:


Write your own tests and exchange them with friends.  Teach each other how to do the problems you miss. Teaching is the best way to learn!




Sometimes, the best way to memorize facts like state capitals, element abbreviations, etc. is to rewrite them over and over.

Study Tips

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