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The Merry Tutor's Diversity Statement


As a [501(c)(3)] non-profit organization aiming to benefit all students and community members, The Merry Tutor values inclusion within our organization. Every one of our tutors strives to work without racial bias and to create an inclusive environment for all tutors and tutees. With our new efforts, we are working to avoid racism and prejudice by forming task groups to integrate more inclusive ideals in our organization, as well as extending our application process to include equity agreements and training material. Racial prejudice has no place and will never have a place in The Merry Tutor.

Steps we are taking to combat racism in our community:

  • Modifying our tutor training materials to address situations involving racism.

  • Extending our application process to include new training slides and a section on diversity.

  • Contacting local community organizations to share resources.

  • Releasing a racial incidence form for tutor/parent/tutee use.

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