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Who We Are


The Merry Tutor is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free tutoring to K-12 students and offers high school students the opportunity to volunteer as tutors.


It is our mission to provide tutees with an approachable learning environment and to offer tutors a way to develop valuable leadership skills.


Our concept is simple -- students helping students -- yet it is so unique. We have created an easily replicated system that can be started up in any community. The tutees, the tutors, and the community all benefit from what we have to offer.

How We Operate


The Merry Tutor currently has multiple centers in two communities, Naperville and Aurora, IL. To see specific hours for these centers, visit our Hours page. We generally tutor at a community's local library or teen center.

The Merry Tutor is a drop-in free tutoring organization, so no appointments are necessary.  Students can stop by any time during our hours for assistance.  No hassles for parents/families with prescheduling. We operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. Tutoring sessions are capped at 30 minutes if there is an overflow of tutees, so there is never more than a 15 minute wait time.

Since the start of the pandemic, The Merry Tutor has begun Online Tutoring.


We ask that students bring the materials they would like to work on to The Merry Tutor, so we can more effectively target specific areas. Generally, these materials are homework assignments, in-class worksheets, and school textbooks. We recommend that students who would like to work on subject areas not covered in class ask their teachers for supplementary materials or check out online resource pages.

When tutees come in for the first time, parents must come in to register them. During this quick registration process, we get contact information and let you know more about our policies. After each session, your child should receive a session summary to inform you of the progress and areas in need of attention for the next session.  Also, we ask for feedback to help us improve our service for your student and the community.

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